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Ambient Lighting

As the days grow shorter and colder and we begin to spend more evenings indoors, nestled and even hibernating, proper ambient lighting becomes an essential element to enjoying the cool months to come. Adding a new lamp or two to your interior spaces can be a quick decorative update you will enjoy throughout the winter. Low light in the evening can encourage your circadian rhythms (our bodies have a natural day/night rhythm which can be disrupted by bright light and nurtured by low light) and prepare you for a deep sleep. Below we share some of our favourite tips for lighting your home for autumn and winter.

New Lamps

While task lighting is important for cooking, reading, homework and crafting, ambient lighting is softer, cozier and far more romantic. Think cozy dinner parties, movie nights, and stormy nights. For the living room, add a pair of table lamps or a standing lamp with a dimmer switch so you can control light levels. In the dining room a lamp placed on your sideboard can be left on when overhead lights are turned off in the evening. In the bedroom, add a matching set of reading lamps to your night stands.

Natural Flames

There is no replacement for candles and a glowing fireplace! When entertaining, a few candles placed about can make your home inviting, smell good and create a festive atmosphere especially during the holiday season. A cluster of white candles on a tray can be placed on the coffee table, dining table or the kitchen island. Put your fireplace to work and have a date night in with board games, appetizers and hot chocolate.

Choosing Bulbs

Choose your light bulbs carefully! The LED craze while environmental, often gives a much cooler temperature of light than what many of us are accustomed to. It is worth taking the time and shopping for quality bulbs that offer warmth for the colder parts of the year. If you like the brighter white bulbs you can always swap them again in the spring. Edison bulbs are trending and will give you a dim golden glow and a more industrial chic look depending on the lamp you put them in.

With a combination of ambient light sources in your home you can create a beautiful backdrop and determine that cozy mood we all covet as the weather begins to turn. So turn the lights down low, settle in and enjoy the sweater weather!


- Jennifer Sides, Contract Sales and Design

  • Oct 30, 2019
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