About Us

Konto Furniture was founded in central Alberta in 1976, and operates stores in both the north and south ends of Edmonton. Konto Furniture is an on trend brand focusing on modern home furnishings with an eclectic flare. We bring the best furniture from around the world together under one roof making it easy for you to decorate your home and enhance your lifestyle.


We will always work hard to ensure that we never lose sight of our roots and that our stores maintain that special touch that can only be found in a family business. We will always strive to make sure that each and every person that works for Konto Furniture feels like part of the family.


Customer experience is very important to us and we strive to create a shopping experience both in store and online that exceeds our customer’s expectations. We will continually look for ways to improve our sales process and customer experience based on new ideas, and feedback from our customers and employees.


After sales service is a big part of our reputation. Our goal is to take care of every customer concern as quickly as possible. We will always do what is right, and whatever is in our power to ensure customer satisfaction.


We strive to create a lifestyle brand that is on trend. When you walk into our stores or go onto our website we want you to be inspired. We strive to paint a lifestyle picture that will compliment your home and enhance your lifestyle.

Support Local

We’re stronger when we stick together. Konto Furniture is born, bred and 100% Albertan. When you put together that we have the best selection, quality, and value, then add in that your purchase also helps support Alberta’s economy exclusively, shopping at Konto simply makes sense.


We shop the world to find unique items that fit with our lifestyle brand. For that reason many of our products are exclusive to us and you will not find them anywhere else.

Konto Furniture South Edmonton Common

Konto Furniture St. Albert Trail

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