Opening April 7th at 10AM.

Lots of one of a kind items so hurry in for the best deals and the best selection!

6120 99th Street
Edmonton, Alberta
(780) 437-1525.

Saturday: 10AM-6PM
Sunday: 12PM-5PM
Weekends Only!

OOPS... it happens. Every once in a while we get so excited by a model, we buy more than we’d originally planned.

OOPS... it happens. Sometimes we buy too many things and we need to clear out floor models to make room.

OOPS... it happens. Sometimes product has minor damage and we can't sell it as new.

OOPS... it happens. Sometimes special order product wont fit into someone's home.

These little boo-boos of enthusiasm can translate into huge opportunities for our customer as we showcase them like we’ve never done before.

All of these OOPS models plus a few of our favourite deals are on display exclusively in our new combined SOFA LAND & KONTO FURNITURE OUTLET.

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